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Measuring for Patio Door Glass

Here we will show you how to measure your broken patio door glass for new glass, first you want to measure for the thickness of the glass, if you have some broken pieces of the glass, you can useally measure those and find out the thickness

if not you have to do it the hard way by measuring inside the rubber, you can see from an end view or you can spread the rubber open and measure where the glass sets "thickness wise", patio door glass panels are useally 3/16"th's and dual glazed units are 5/8"th's of an inch.

next you measure the depth of the rubber, to do this you turn the rubber on its side and you measure outside the wall, measuring how far the glass goes into the rubber, useally 3/8"th's of an inch deep is the standard

last you measure the daylight measurement "inside between the frame", measure the width and height and then you add the daylight measurement plus the depth of the rubber times two and thats how you get your measurments

here are some examples :

(example) 1
here is a width daylight measurement of 33 1/4" the rubber depth is 3/8" x 2 = 3/4"
the answer is 33 1/4 " + 3/4" = 34"   simple wasn't it
(example) 2
here is a height daylight measurement of 75 1/4" and the rubber depth is 3/8" times 2 = 3/4"
so the servay says : 75 1/4" + 3/4" = 76"

this diagram shows the daylight measurement


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