Measurng Sliding Windows

Measuring and Installing Screens for Sliding Windows
requires some thinking,
most sliding windows have channels that the screens go into but then there are the exceptions, the windows without channels, we'll talk about those in a bit, the channel windows are pretty easy once you catch on, if you happen to have the old screens you have a lot of information right there, measure those screens first then take your own measurements like this :

first you must measure for the thickness of the screen that is to be used,
to do this you want to measure the channel width, not the depth
you measure all of the channels and deduct 1/16th of an inch from your measurement

for the width of the screen you measure from the deep channel on one side to the edge of the channel on opposite side, less about 1/8th of an inch

For the height you measure the same as the width, you measure from the deep channel on the top to the edge of the channel on the bottom less about 1/8th on an inch


you must also check that your screens might need some kind of springs or clips to hold them in, look in the chanels to see if there are any springs that are already there, you might look at the neighbors windows next door to see if they have the same type of screens as yours and get information that way

Windows without channels require some special hardware, flange clips useally these chips are made to go against the flange of the window and are offset with there own slot
The flange clips are usually used on one side and the opposite side you fasten
the screen in with either screws or knife latches

 For measuring when using flange clips with no channels you measure the daylight measurement (inside the flanges) and add an inch

 For windows with channels on one side "say the top and and side" you measure from the deep channel to the edge of the flange and use the flange clip on one side here are some knife Latches and Flange Clips

Installing Sliding Window Screens
Installing screens is quite easy if you know how to do it
its all in the knowing , after measuring from the deep to the edge your gonna put the screen in the same way "in the deep channel to the edge of the Shallow channel

 how do you get the screen in both deep channels at the same time
the answer is simply turn the screen to where you put in the two deep first

 I did it the other day with a real little screen and I just turned the screen just enough to have it slip into both deep channels and then with the help of a real thin puddy knife I was able to put it right in




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