Measuring Casement Windows for Glass

Casement windows are the ones that swing or crank out, you either puddy them in or you use some kind of metal or plastic snap-in bead, you beat out the old puddy, or if there is snap-in bead you carefully remove without distroying them, after you remove the puddy you measure where the old glass was, with snap-in bead, take out the bead and MEASURE the old broken glass BEFORE you beat it out, when measuring leave about an 1/8 th of an inch gap all the way around, with snap-in bead type you have to have this 1/8 th of an inch gap to hold the snap-in bead in, especially on the top and bottom, too much gap on the top, the snap-in bead wont stay in, no gap on the bottom the snap-in bead wont go in, it has to be exact

caseglass02   caseglass03


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