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Measuring Wood Windows for Glass

Measuring wood sash windows for glass is pretty easy, you simply measure the wood indentation where the glass lays, the best way to do this is to beat out the old puddy with a pair of gloves a long sleeve shirt a small flat tip screw driver not too sharp and a small hammer, and then you measure, but of course you can measure with the old broken glass still in the frame you just have to spend alot of time doing a close inspection.
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The puddy is at a fourty five degree slant, so you measure from the top of that slant, where the puddy meets the wood to the oppisite side, standard wood sash glass measurements are: 26 x 15, 26 x 21, 26 x 24, 32 x 15, 32 x 21, 32 x 24, even numbers are useally the standard sizes,
but of course there are the goof ball sizes which vary, sizes like 33 3/4 x 37 3/8 or 34  x  24 , houses built during the war had wiered sizes and old housed built during the depression had no regulations at all.

here is a guy putting in a piece of glass

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