Casement Window Screens in Sacramento

Casement Window Screens in Sacramento or Crank-Out Window Screens are all for a form of the old casement type windows sold in the fifties and sixties, they swing out in one form or another
You measure for the width of the Casement Window Screens from the inside of the small holes or where the hardware is installed.

For the height you measure from the top of the crank on the bottom to where it covers the opening on the top so the bugs can't get in, the whole idea again is to keep out those bad old bug's,  sorry bug's but you got to stay outside and leave us humans alone.
Casement window screen sizes are usually something like this:

18 1/8"   x   36  or 35 7/8"
22 1/8"  x   36  or 35 7/8"
18 1/8"   x   48  or  48 1/4"