Here we will learn how to do Casement Window Glass Replacement in Sacramento, the idea here in doing Casement Window Glass Repair is to beat out the old puddy and pack in the new puddy, the more times you do this the better you'll get.

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Casement Window


 Casement windows are the ones that swing out or crank out, you either puddy them in or you use some kind of metal or plastic snap-in  bead, if there puddy jobs then you need to arm yourself, you put on  some gloves, ware glasses or goggles for your eyes, ware a long sleeve  shirt and paints, use a small flat tipped screw driver not too sharp,  and use a small size hammer, carefully beat the puddy out of the metal  without destroying it, you kinda just hit on the edges of the old puddy  with the flat tipped screw driver and it will all come out gradually.

Measuring these kinds of windows


 If you decide to measuring these kinds of  windows without busting out all of the puddy first you can do this : take the screw  driver and hammer and just beat out a little pocket of old puddy on  booth sides of the width and height and you can usually see the edge of the glass  so you can measure it, and after you get it all beat out you want to  confirm that, that size will work and not be too loose or too tight.  

Snap-in Bead


 if there is snap-in bead, you  carefully remove without destroying them, take a thin puddy knife and  put it between the glass and the bead and lightly push it in, lift it up  and gently pull it out without breaking it.

When Measuring


 when measuring you want to leave  about an 1/8 th of an inch gap all the way around, with snap-in bead  type you have to have this 1/8 th of an inch gap to hold the snap-in  bead in, especially on the top and bottom, too much gap on the top, the  snap-in bead wont stay in, no gap on the bottom the snap-in bead wont go  in, it has to be exactto  take the broken glass out of a vinyl dual glazed window, after you have  taken the snap-in bead off the front you have to go to the inside of  the house and use the same puddy and break the seal around the glass and  the frame. 

Casement again


 to  do this you put on some gloves and just push the puddy knife in-between  the glass and the plastic window frame, and push the puddy knife all  the way around the glass unit and do the bottom last that way you can  catch it so it doesn't drop on the ground and you have a big mess that  you have to clean up, you want to save as much of the broken unit as you  can for information to have a new one made . 

Another one


here is an old wood sash window that need a glass and some chafing scratch off the old paint and put

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