Installing Sunscreens in Sacramento

On this page we will teach you how to measure your windows for Installing Sunscreens in Sacramento, we will also teach you Installing Sunscreens in Carmichael  and Installing Sunscreens in North Highlands.

Sunscreens are pretty easy to measure and install :
If you have sliding type of windows you would mount them on the outside of the molding or surface mount, mounting in side the molding  could be a-lot of trouble, if the window is out of square which sometimes they are or if the molding is put on wrong and not square then that equals trouble also, you must measure top to bottom, side to side X check measure also cause if the window molding was mounted wrong then your gonna have trouble putting the Sunscreen in, then there's the mounting of the Sunscreen, they really don't make mounting hardware to mount on the inside of the molding.

No your better off mounting the Sunscreen on the outside "a-lot easier" and more practical and you can use C-Clips to mount the Sunscreens
Just measure inside the molding and add two inches, that's it then when you mount the Sunscreen you have plenty to work with.

Measuring for Sunscreens on wood windows you do measure inside of the molding, but Wood Windows are a-lot smaller than sliding windows and they mount with jiffy hangers and when you measure you simply measure about an eight of an inch less to allow for play in case the window is out of square.

Measuring Casement Windows for Sunscreens you simply measure the part that cranks out on the inside and measure the width from the holes just like a regular screen and the height you measure from the top of the crank to where it covers it on the top also like you would a regular screen, and for the section that doesn't open you can either mount the Sunscreen on the inside or the outside using the C-Clips.

but if you find that its too much for you to handle just give us a call and we will be glad to take care of your problem.