Measuring Patio Screen Doors in Sacramento

 Measuring Patio Screen Doors in Sacramento is pretty easy, basically for the width you measure the glass sliding door width and add a half of an inch to a full inch,Measuring Screen Doors in North Sacramento for the height, you measure half way in the deep channel on the top, to of the top of the the track on the bottom, 

Measuring Patio Screen Doors in North Highlands

You might get a small latter and  put it in the middle of the door and go up the latter and take your tape  and put it inside the channel and measure how much it goes in then bring it to the outside  of the channel and put a half way mark on the outside of the top track,  you do this in the middle of patio door set because the top header  sag's in the middle so you must measure to the lowest point of so the screen door wont get bogged down in the middle

Then get off of the latter and  pull it away, then pull the tape out of the tape measure case and put  it on the top of the track and measure to your mark, that's the  measurement for the height of the new screen door.

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