Sliding Window Glass Replacement in Sacramento

Here we will learn Sliding Window Glass Replacement in Sacramento, Sliding Glass Repair in Carmichael and Sliding Glass Replacement in North Highlands. 

Glass Sliders


Sliding windows come in two  types,   wrap around rubber and  glue-in, in most cases aluminum windows  are the wrap around rubber type,   but there are still a lot of aluminum  windows out there that are glue-in, almost all vinyl windows are the glue-in type, With the wrap around rubber type,   both the slider and the solid sections usually measure  the same way,    but the solid sections can sometimes be larger to make up for being further out,  the rubber wraps around the glass and then you pound the  metal on the rubber, the rule for measuring this type of window is this:
You measure the daylight opening (in between the frame) then measure the depth of the rubber times two,
if the daylight measurement is say 27 1/2 "and the depth of the rubber is 1/4"
then 1/4" times 2 = 1/2" plus 27 1/2", "the answer is 28" and so on.
Glue in windows you simply measure where the glass lays, ( hint ) rather  than having to guess the new glass size, before you go and break out  all the old broken glass, take out the snap in bead and very carefully  and measure the old glass, if the glass just has a whole in it, just  tape it up with packing tape and bring it in to the shop, if all you have is little pieces then you should be able to measure the three dementions on the fly.

it  usually measures about an 1/8th to 3/16ths of an inch gap inside the  frame all the way around, again with the snap-in bead, the size has to  be darn close, especially with the aluminum windows, the snap-in bead  has to be right on the money otherwise it wont stay in, with vinyle  windows just make sure that you have a gap between the frame and the  glass and stay away from using seal tape, even most of the pros. don't  use that stuff on location cause if you make a booboo then the chances  of undoing it from the glass are pretty bad and you will usually end up  breaking the glass, use silicone.

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